How It Works

We can offer a series of options for you to pick and choose to suit your special day:

1. Ring Bearer – Prices from £275

Sarah and Paul - Photography by Wiltshire Wedding Photography

Sarah and Paul – Photography by Wiltshire Wedding Photography

2. Ring Bearer & Pictures – Prices from £300

3. Pictures & Static Display – Prices from £325

Option 1 provides the choice of Harris Hawk or Barn Owl to deliver your rings down the aisle. We arrive an hour before the ceremony to meet the person receiving the rings, the registrar/vicar and photographer if possible. After we have had our little chats, we give a little training to the receiver, and then try to disappear until the time comes. Depending on the bird, you will either have our big gorgeous Harris Hawk delivering the rings, or our stunningly silent Barn Owl.

Option 2 adds pictures after the ceremony, this means we will normally stay for around 45 minutes after the ceremony to have photos with you as well as with guests.

Option 3 allows us to come along for photos afterwards and a static display. This option helps if you would like us there, but you have guests who are scared of birds. We would arrive before the ceremony to know where we can set up, and throughout the ceremony begin to slowly set up. We will bring around 5/6 birds with us, all of which are friendly birds which everyone can get up close with (including children).

We are based in Wantage, Oxfordshire. Within 20 miles, we will require no additional travel cost. Anything after that will require additional travel costs. For up to 50 miles from Wantage, we will require a £30 travel charge. For up to 75 miles, we will require a £50 travel charge. For up to 100 miles, we will require a £75 travel charge. For anything over 100 miles, please contact us.

Our professional handlers will be dressed smartly and appropriately, with the birds as clean as they can be!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the bird pass dropping whilst flying?

No, the bird will not pass dropping whilst flying, they are very clean birds who take their jobs seriously.

Who will the bird fly to?

The bird can fly to anyone that you would like. It could be the Best Man, Page Boy, Bride, anyone, as long as we know before the ceremony.

How are the rings attached?

There will be ribbons tied through the anklets of the birds flowing down, we will then put the rings into individual bags, and tie them onto the bird. If you would not like us to use the real rings, we can use dummy rings, however we prefer to use the real rings to give the proper experience.

Does the venue have to be a certain size?

It doesn’t have to be. As long as we have room to fly the bird down the aisle, then yes it’s okay.

Are you insured?

We are fully insured.

Is there any further information you need to know?

As we are dealing with live animals, we will need to know of any surprises which could scare or hurt our birds. These may include things such as aerosols, live bands, magicians, children, themes or anything of any importance to you on your big day!


6 thoughts on “How It Works

  1. Keely Peckham says:

    Hi I totally love owls and very interested in having this for my wedding day is sat 12th sept 2015 and at colchester officers club , would you travel to here? Please could you let me know more details and the cost please many thanks keely x

  2. Hannah says:

    hiya I’m looking for an owl ring bearer for Saturday 25th July at Walpole St Peters church, Wisbech, Cambridge for a wedding, if you could get back to me as soon as possible to confirm availability
    Thank you

  3. Kevin Martin says:

    Hello, looking to discuss the options for a bird of prey delivering the wedding rings. I’m not getting married until 30th July 2016. I am based in Bristol. I would to keep it away from my partner as a surprise on the day. Can you only contact me via email. Thanks Kevin

  4. soula joannou says:

    Hi, We are very interested in having a bird of prey as our ring bearer. It is sooo unique and different. We are not getting married until July 21st 2019 and not sure if you book that far ahead.

  5. soula joannou says:

    We are very interested as it is so different and unique. Please can you let us know if you are taking bookings for july 2019 (21st). Thank you

    Freyasoula and Lee

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